Peter Petersen

Is a Wellness Coach, Qigong and Meditation Teacher and a Certified Massage Therapist.  Peter helps people to heal themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually, while also helping to alleviate physical pain though his healing massage.

My journey to become a healer began when I first fell in love with qigong one hot July afternoon in Grass Valley, California in 2001.  The energy and serenity I felt hit me like a thunderbolt, putting me into an altered state of consciousness that had me feeling euphoric for days after the workshop had completed. The state of consciousness I felt was simply enchanting, which was being super tranquil and at peace, but completely awake and aware. I was so enamored with the practice that it led me to begin training to become a teacher, a few short months after my initial contact. I started student teaching qigong and meditation in early 2002 and became certified to teach Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gone qigong in 2004, which is a 2 year minimum process.  Shortly after becoming certified, I was enrolled to teach at the oldest wellness resort in North America, called Rancho La Puerta.  After a brief time there I was invited to invest with a small yoga/retreat/hotel called Present Moment Retreat, residing in Troncones, Mexico which is located a few minutes north of Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo.  Here I spent the better part of 4 years teaching people how to let go of their anxiety, ego, and stress through the gentle movements and meditation of qigong.

Before going down to reside in Mexico I became a certified massage therapist in August of 2005 and have been practicing ever since.  I have crafted my own hybrid style of Swedish and deep tissue massage, and inserting some of the Qigong and Reki elements I have learned along the way.  So not only does the body get relaxed and stretched out, but there is an energetic release and cleansing of stale and negative energy as well.

Why have i been practicing and teaching qigong for over 14 years now? The feeling one possess when finished is really beyond words to describe, and is something one has to experience for themselves in order to really understand and perceive this state of being.  I have spoken to many after the qigong practice and have had several different responses to it, but there does seem to be a universal theme to people’s feedback; that there is an immense sense of calm that washes over the mind and body, however your being, is alert, awake, and ready for any action.  The qigong movements also help simultaneously to keep the body strong and flexible, while helping to speed up injury and illness recovery time.  Keeping the body physically fit is wonderful of course, but the after effects of the movements provide a mental clarity, vibrancy, and razor sharp focus that is nothing short of extraordinary.  This is why the martial art masters in China created this practice thousands of years ago; to be in a hyper-focus state that basically gives a one pointed awareness that makes the practitioner incredibly present of their now.  This is especially helpful for when I give massage, but can be utilized for any endeavor.  Giving the practitioner the focus they need to complete tasks and goals and help one not make mistakes in their actions. If one is looking to connect with their higher self or to source energy or ways to get into a deep, relaxing, meditative state, one does not need to look any further than qigong.  To me it is not only the fountain of youth, but a way be woken up to your ever present now, allowing one to enter into eternity.

I now teach at several different places in the United States of America and Mexico and am excited to team up with Michael Young and several other yoga, dance, and nutrition specialist to teach qigong/yoga/dance/meditation/nutrition/healthy cooking workshops.  I hope to speak with you soon, Namaste.

Peter Petersen

Wellness Coach Qigong & Meditation Teacher &  Certified Massage Therapist

Mobile: 916 254 1816