“My dearest Moniqui Darling, I am so grateful for you and how you show up in this world. Your smile and open heart melt everyone who stands in your path, traveling with you, helping people fall in love with themselves is my greatest joy. I’m humbled by your daily commitment to help others see their real self, shedding tears, bursting in laughter, hugging and adoring, opening doors for so many to see that just by truly being who you are, you allow them to see themselves as whole and complete. I’m forever in gratitude for your presence in my life. The definition of vulnerability in my dictionary is: “Monique Darling”.” – Kai Karrel

What if your scariest parts, your most unloveable parts, the parts of you that you are certain that if “they” found “this” out, they would want nothing more to do with you? What if you shared them…and “they” loved you more? What if you found that it is harder for you NOT to be you?

I wasn’t always this open.  I was born into a narrow minded community in rural America.

I know what it’s like to be afraid.  To feel like there is something out there calling to you, answers to questions you are not “supposed to” ask.  To be judged by society and community; and to live life closed off because the risks seem too great to really ask for what you want.  I have been disowned by family; uninvited to family functions (even funerals); Shunned by long time friends.  In the process I found my own chosen family that loved me more for what others had judged unloveable.  I found the freedom of being my own unique self and not looking for others approval.

I am passionate about co-creating a world that includes each day consciously choosing to cut the ties to what no longer serves, to hold everyone and every experience in compassion; to loving myself for ALL that I am and in so doing to give those around me permission to do the same.  As a result of this way of being in the world, I have been able to create a world that IS.  Nothing would bring me greater joy than to witness you do the same.  It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s the kind of work that makes life easier.

Lets get started…. :